Kalos irthate! / Welcome!

Cretan Land was founded with the mission of promoting a healthier diet by teaching the world how to eat like a Cretan.

We believe that food can be both a source of pleasure and nourishment.

We stand for authenticity, tradition and a healthy, conscious way of eating and take pride in the quality of the products that grow out of the Cretan land.


Traditional Rusks

The Cretan rusk has been around since ancient times – for a reason. Recognized for its high nutritional value, it is an important part of the Mediterranean diet, as it is tasty and also, high in fibre.


Snack sticks

Our snack stick recipes are inspired by those of the Minoan times, combining various flours with seeds of high nutritional value.


Extra olive oil

The history of the olive tree begins 7000 years ago. The Greeks were the first to cultivate olive trees in the European part of the Mediterranean region.



Ancient Greeks used honey both as a means of nourishment and medicinal therapy. Hippocrates wrote: “Honey cause warmth, clean sores, heal carbuncles and running sores.“

Our product range

Cretan Land products are quintessentially Cretan. They are grown on Cretan soil and εembody the unique philosophy of its peoples’ nutritional habits.

The secrets of Cretan's longevity

The love of food is the love of life. We encourage you to be more Cretan; to get together for meal times, enjoy original flavours and make food a priority. This section will reveal you Cretan's secrets for longevity.


The TRIOMIGADO rusk range is a special type of Cretan rusk that brings to mind memories of an old Cretan era. TRIOMIGADO is made from blending three different cereals, wheat, barley and oats.  The peculiarity of this mixture is the dark color of the rusk and...


Given the morphology the island, it is easy to understand why barley rusks, or ‘paximadia*, are such an important part of the Cretan diet. As it is mostly a mountainous place, it is only natural for barley, a widely adaptable crop that flourishes on a high a...


Given the longevity of its inhabitants, perhaps it is no coincidence that the name “Crete” derives from the Greek word “krataia”, meaning strong / powerful. Crete is located in the southern part of Greece, proximate to three continents, Europe, Asia an...


During the last decades, research has shown that the Mediterranean diet plays an important role in the prevention of heart disease and diabetes, while it is also associated with a reduced incidence of other degenerating diseases, such as Alzeheimer’s and Par...